Restore your hormone levels fully with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. As the years go by, your hormone levels may reduce and cause fatigue, brain fog, weight gain or reduction, and reduced libido. Hormones are chemical porters transferred to tissues and organs from your bloodstream. They affect several processes, including metabolism, reproduction, and cognitive development. The endocrine glands produce hormones. Our treatment is for women and men who want to feel more youthful. Men have hormones in their testes, and women produce them in their ovaries. Bioidentical hormone treatment can generate significant transformations in your cells.

The advantages of this treatment include:

  • Hormones are absorbed into the bloodstream directly, which provides you with maximum absorption
  • Hormones are continually released into the body
  • Pellets last for three to five months
  • Improves bone density

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The Treatment

Let WholeBody Complete Wellness balance your hormones and transform your energy levels. You’ll get an initial consultation where we discuss information on your medical history for a customized treatment. After your consultation, we’ll provide you with all the facts and benefits of bioidentical hormone treatment. We’ll also answer your questions and determine whether you’re a candidate for this treatment. We’ll insert pellets within the body’s fatty tissues on the day of treatment. You may get Bioidentical Hormone Therapy as a stand-alone treatment or combine it with several treatments. We also deliver individualized hormone consultations and lab draws on demand.


What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are the same hormones your body naturally uses for hormonal balance. Monitoring the progress of hormones is vital, especially if you have menopause. We’ll perform regular tests to ensure you have an adequate number of hormones.

Who are these treatments best suited for?

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is best suited for women and men who struggle with memory issues, brain fog, weight gain or reduction, reduced libido, etc. You’ll get a tailored treatment plan.

How long does it take, and will I feel discomfort?

The procedure takes less than five minutes to complete, and most patients don’t get discomfort.

How long should it take to adjust?

You’ll adjust and get improvements after three weeks of treatment. We draw regular labs and monitor symptoms to get the best dose and quality of life balance for each patient.